Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthing of the Blog

Photo left: Bill and Dorothy Beal, an Iowa couple in there mid-eighties, helping to make cob for their son and his wife.

To create social change ideas and dialogue must be available to the masses and people need to have access to tangible opportunities to learn and experience ways of living that challenge the existing paradigm. Sustainable Living challenges the existing paradigm. Today, almost all of man's activities result in either the destruction or depletion of natural resources. Earth is a living being composed of many fluid processes that create our habitat as we know and understand it today. The habitat of man is already changing along coastal regions and through the melting of the polar ice cap steady changes are occurring within Earth's complex wind patterns with projections looking grim for many on Earth. Climate changes are occurring and are projected to worsen if radical change does not occur. Even if radical human change does occur climate change will still most likely occur to some extent and will most likely effect those living around the world who are already struggling to survive due to a lack of natural resources.

Oil reserves are decreasing while world powers fight and organize for their wanted shares. International Organizations and Corporations are getting rich through controlling our energy infrastructure and padding the pockets of those so called "leaders" in Washington who were elected to serve the people. The Federal Monetary system is corrupt and is creating money out of thin air and passing the debt on to all who earn and live by the dollar. People are overworked, secluded from community, our "food" is grown from genetically modified seeds controlled by corporations who want to control the entire food system, "food" is packaged, preserved and altered to withstand shipping and shelving time, plastic is microwaved, waste is created and at the end of the day you are left feeling sick, tired, broke and obligated to work for someone other than yourself just so you can continue on with your life as you know it.


In this blog I will share ideas, applications and resources for all Iowan's ranging from the youth of tomorrow to the elderly of today. My mission will be to disseminate information and to inspire others to imagine, create and educate sustainable living ideas, concepts and practices. Through my travels, connections and daily experiences I will share what I know and direct others to learn more. The internet is full of information and I will help you find what you need.


Brother Kyle

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