Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top Permaculturalist Shares Career Advice

Doug Bullock is one of the top permaculture designers and teachers in North America. Everything Doug knows has been learned through traveling, apprenticing or reading books. In "Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life," Doug shares some advice for those looking to do good in the world, work with plants and living self sufficiently.

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This 7 minute read is extremely valuable because one is shown a path to follow and is given ideas for cost-free, self-educaton. Don't be a fool a spend money on things you can get for free, use the internet and people in your community to learn everything you need!

The Bullock's Permaculture Homestead is one of the most mature and successful examples of permaculture in North America. Abundant fruit trees, berries, flowers, herbs placed strategically amidst mixed island topography and nearby wetlands. Internships are free and your work covers the cost living. Money earning oppurtunities are available through Sam Bullock's ecological landscaping company (website for more information).

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